“Wellness Wednesday” is a service designed to allow an introduction to psilocybin services. We hope to allow exploration of the safety and benefits of psilocybin.
Committing to the time and financial investment of a larger psilocybin journey can be frightening and stressful. “Wellness Wednesdays” offers a small, more manageable dosage (10mg or less) in a small group setting to help individuals decide whether to pursue additional psilocybin services. Groups will include up to four clients and a licensed psilocybin facilitator. Group members will meet with a licensed facilitator at least 24 hours before their “Wellness Wednesday” session.
Wellness Wednesdays
On “Wellness Wednesday”, group members will meet before the session begins. If the group is not a good fit, clients can reschedule their “Wellness Wednesday” session to another Wednesday.
The preparation session, group meeting, and the administration session of up to 2 hours, are all included in the cost. Additional hours are available for an extra fee. Psilocybin products are purchased separately from the service center.
Thank you to Jenna Kluwe at The Journey Center for inspiring “Wellness Wednesdays”.